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The collaboration hub

For the past four years, Beauty on TApp has been a market place that connects African beauty and lifestyle brands to customers. The Beauty on TApp family is taking our beauty ecosystem one step further, by bringing brands and content creators together.
The Beauty on TApp Collaboration Hub is an exciting and innovative platform created as an extension of our digital marketing strategy. As a market place that connects a vast number of local brands with customers, we now invite content creators to join in by sharing authentic product reviews and to create fresh content for Beauty on TApp and associated brands.
The Collaboration Hub’s key objective is to also collaborate with microinfluencers who have demonstrated their commitment to creating fresh content that their followers can relate to.


who is the collaboration hub for?

For Brands
Beauty on TApp prides itself on being a organisation that seeks to retail clean beauty products i.e chemical free and largely plant based. We’re giving brands that fit this profile the opportunity to leverage our platform, audience and ecosystem to find likeminded microinfluencers who create quality and engaging content. Our job is to find the perfect influencer for your brand and to give creative direction for content creation. Your products do not have to be listed on Shop Beauty on TApp to access the platform, however terms and conditions will apply.
For Content Creators.
Microinfluencers here is your opportunity to connect with amazing beauty brands while growing your audience through our platform. We’re looking for creative and experienced beauty and lifestyle micro-content creators. If you have a popping Instagram page, engaging Twitter profile or a blazing YouTube channel – this platform is for you.

which brands do we work with


  • Anim Naturals
  • Curl Chemistry
  • Design Essentials
  • Masodi
  • MyNatural Hair
  • Native Child
  • Nilotiqa
  • Purpul Hair
  • The Perfect Hair
  • Afro Sense
  • Swimma Caps
  • Tropic Isle Living
  • Hair Sense
  • Ashaki


  • Ndanaka
  • Beautiful Earth
  • Nokware
  • R&R Luxury
  • Skin Gourmet
  • Taji
  • Ostibel
  • Kudu Cosmetica
  • Khween Shebar
  • Uso


  • Restraw
  • Mie Cup
  • Yswara
  • Nahla Sleepwear

Make Up

  • Connie Transform
  • Pat G
  • Vetru


  • Koosh Kream
  • Sliqkidz


For Influencers

1000 + Followers
Existing Beauty review platform
Authentic Engaged Audience
Quality Content
Interest in beauty & Lifestyle

For Brands

The Beauty on TApp
Collaboration Hub focuses on
brands with an existing
relationship with Beauty on TApp.
Furthering the brands mission
and values through collaboratiive culture.
Reimaging the influence culture like minded
Target Markets – would like to reach
Elevate brand awareness.

Goal is to help achieve reviews
Authentic experiences.


how does it work?


Once a month Beauty on TApp will partner with a brand. The campaign will be announced via our social media pages @beautyontapp on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Microinfluencers who are interested in the campaign (paid or product exchange) can apply via our website which will be included on the campaign post


The collaboration will focus on elevating brand and product awareness by partnering with an influencer best suited and who will create fresh and engaging content


The content quality will be reviewed by Beauty on TApp then posted on our platform and the brands platform.


How do you apply?


Monthly Collab

Monthly Collab Look out for our monthly collaboration notification by
following our social media


Are you suitable?

Check if you meet the requirements


Connect with us

Register for the campaign by following the steps provided


Time to create

If selected you will receive an email
notifying you on moving forward


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